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FLOU Novità 2020

When FLOU imagined the new products, the brand started from nature: from its constant motion, from the harmony of its shapes, from its colours.

The world is taking a step closer to nature and Flou is going alongside it, with a collection that was designed especially to allow people to live in harmony with the environment. And to remind us how important it is to respect it and take care of it.

Discover all the videos of the novelties on flou.it, please contact us if you wish to receive further information design@artiscope.be.

Flou Novelties 2020: Showroom Walk

Flou Novelties 2020Our 2020 products were inspired by nature: the harmony of its shapes, the strong colors of life’s cycles. You can discover them step by step with a virtual walk in our showroom.

Publiée par Flou sur Vendredi 24 avril 2020